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Author: Alex Karle <>
Date:   Fri,  5 Nov 2021 01:04:31 -0400

gopher: Add note on the new services

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diff --git a/gopher/phlog.txt b/gopher/phlog.txt @@ -13,6 +13,34 @@ just a collection of thoughts.. +Momentum [2021-11-04] +------------------------------------------------------- +I've been serving _something_ over since Feb 2021 [1], +but in these past couple days this gopherhole has gone +from 0 to 100 realll quick. + +Once I started putting real gopher-exclusive content +here, I kept wanting to add more! The latest motivation +is using gopher as a simple access protocol to a plaintext +"second brain" (notetaking system). + +So, the repo that houses my gopherhole now has a "notes" +directory, and I wrote a small "notetag" script that +parses the "^tags:" directive in the files, generates +a directory-per-tag, symlinks the notes into the dirs, +and then outputs a gophermap index of the files! + +This was a ton of fun, and of course urged me to add my +next piece of content--a "code" section of the hole to +share "notetag", which I'm unreasonably proud of :) + +So there you have it--in 24 hrs we went from phlogless +to phlog + code + notes... only time will tell if I keep +up the publishing, but for now I'm having fun! + +[1]: + + Choosing a Phormat pt. 2 [2021-11-03] -------------------------------------------------------