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      1 Screen Time
      2 -----------
      3 Tue Nov 30 23:42:47 EST 2021
      5 When I was a kid, my parents had the concept of "screen time".
      6 The rules were simple:
      8 1. No "screen time" before sundown
      9 2. Limited total screen time for the day (maybe a couple hrs)
     11 We didn't have TV, so this really just meant no time on the
     12 computer or watching movies.
     14 I was reminiscing about this recently, and thinking about the
     15 great irony that is screen time in my adult life as a paid
     16 programmer. I would wager I spend upwards of 10-12 hours looking
     17 at screens every day on an average work day. A bit of time
     18 scrolling the news on my phone before work, a 8-9hr workday
     19 (fully remote -> meetings are screens), and then "couch time"
     20 hobby coding and watching shows if Jennie and I don't otherwise
     21 have a social commitment (most work nights).
     23 Sometimes we give our eyes a break and play a board game, do
     24 a puzzle, or read a book; but even if I spent no time on screens
     25 outside of work, it'd be a shocking number of hours at a screen
     26 each week.
     28 When did I transition from such limited computer-time to such
     29 a screen-full day? It probably started with high school, when
     30 we started having homework on computers. Limiting screen time
     31 became "limited video game time" and less-so about screens.
     33 Regardless of when it happened, I've been wanting to get back
     34 some of that offline time recently. I definitely find it
     35 improves my mood and outlook on work and life.
     37 I need to get outside more :)