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06-08-21 (1138B) [raw]

      1 Tue 08 Jun 2021 11:44:43 PM EDT
      3 Matt's just left--writing the setlist down before doing the dishes.
      4 Fun night per usual. On call at work, but the bugs took pity on our
      5 jams and it was a quiet evening (fingers crossed it stays that way!).
      7 Banger of the night would have to go to Character Zero. Solid chord
      8 progression, and we've been becoming a jam band slowly anyways.. why
      9 not cover one? Matt's laptop rain out of battery at the end so it was
     10 a bass heavy set for him!
     12 ---
     14 Drop the Guillotine, Peach Pit
     15 Beat It, Michael Jackson
     16 I've Just Seen A Face, The Beatles
     17 I Don't Wanna Lose, Kate Bollinger
     18 The Only One, Manchester Orchestra
     19 Character Zero, Phish
     21 Feel It Still, Portugal. The Man (Matt Bass)
     22 Alligator Bop, A Great Big Pile Of Leaves (Matt Bass)
     23 Rhode Island, The Front Bottoms (Matt Bass)
     24 Just What I Needed, The Cars (Matt Bass)
     26 Hypotheticals, Lake Street Dive (Bass)
     27 Wait for the Moment, Vulfpeck (Bass)
     28 Outro, Vulfpeck (Bass)
     30 Close To You, Carpenters
     31 LAX, Vulfpeck
     33 Deny It All, The Dear Hunter (Matt Bass)
     34 Shadow People, Dr. Dog (Matt Bass)
     35 Feel Good Inc., Gorillaz (Matt Bass)
     36 Brian's Movie, Peach Pit (Matt Bass)