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      9     <title>Alex &amp; Jennie's Wedding</title>
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     22     <h2>Our Story</h2>
     23     <p>
     24       Alex and Jennie met in January 2017 at UMass Amherst through a
     25       mutual friend (thanks Rachana!) at a party, but they weren't sure
     26       if they'd see each other again. Fortunately, Rachana saw the
     27       potential and insisted on a group date later that week. Phone
     28       numbers were exchanged and just a day or so later they went on
     29       their first date in a snowstorm at the Frank dining commons. The
     30       rest is history!
     31     </p>
     32     <p>
     33       After graduation they moved to Natick, MA, and as soon as a
     34       landlord allowed it they adopted two kittens, Pulp and Meeks.
     35       5 years, 4 jobs, 2 appartments, and 1 pandemic later, they're
     36       still there, supporting each other.
     37     </p>
     38     <p>
     39       After many trips together that left the family guessing if "he'd
     40       finally ask the question", Alex proposed to Jennie on August 20,
     41       2022 on top of Franconia Ridge in the White Mountains. It was the
     42       exact spot they had hoped to be 4 years ago on a trip that they
     43       ended short due to bears, a heat wave, and blisters. Back years
     44       later and stronger than ever, she said yes!
     45     </p>
     46     <img src="/static/engagement.jpg" alt="Alex Proposes to Jennie" width="100%">
     47     <footer>Copyright 2022, Alex Karle (<a href="license.html">License</a>)</footer>
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