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Author: Alex Karle <>
Date:   Tue, 24 Mar 2020 22:49:41 -0400

thoughts: Add post on Domain Names

This was super cathartic to write. I've wasted a lot of time this week
pouring over domain registrars and learning about the whole system and
why it is:

    1) (Almost) Impossible to get a domain you want
    2) (Almost always) Impossible to get a domain you want cheap

Seriously. 'Premium Fees' make me sick -- and looking at all the
old-timers on the internet, just makes me wonder what they paid for that
slick .org.

Sigh. Feels good to shame RealNames a bit. I mean that was the _worst_.
Want to rent the domain for your website / email? We'll give you the
latter for 3x the price :(


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diff --git a/thoughts.html b/thoughts.html @@ -20,7 +20,37 @@ <h3>A collection of thoughts.</h3> - <h3 class="new-post">Dec. 19, 2019</h3> + <h3 class="new-post">Mar. 24, 2020: Domain Name Insanity</h3> + <p> + I went through a phase this week of really wanting `karle.[original-tld]`. + Not for a business. Not for boosting my own webpage (it doesn't really + have much). Just for me. + </p> + + <p>The results were... disheartening.</p> + + <ul> + <li> + <b></b><br> Registered since 1998, no website, parked web-page. + WHOIS guard ensures I can't even reach out to who owns it. + </li> + <li> + <b></b><br> For sale by owner on Uniregistry. Ok. Inquired. + Owner wants a "serious 5 figure offer". Next! + </li> + <li> + <b></b><br> Owned by <a + href="">RealNames</a>, a business seemingly + centered around buying domains and charging people like + me to set up an email. Almost brilliant enough of a business to make + me forgive their scumminess. <i>Almost</i>. Nary an option to buy + it. + </li> + </ul> + + <p>So here we are. Looks like for at least a little longer.</p> + + <h3 class="new-post">Dec. 19, 2019: A New Hope</h3> <p> Toying with the thought of starting a website/blog. </p>