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Author: Alex Karle <>
Date:   Fri, 23 Oct 2020 00:23:48 -0400

thoughts: Add post on blogging into the void

As a non-technical post, there's not much backstory to put
in the commit message... the post I was referring to in the
beginning is a post on ed(1) and my discovery/learning/using
it over vacation. I do still plan on posting that one day...
just one more proof read, I promise! :P

This felt cathartic to write. Despite the late-hour, I'm gonna
push it. I fear if I wait until morning to re-read it, I won't
publish it at all.

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diff --git a/content/ b/content/ @@ -0,0 +1,46 @@ +<!-- {% include=head %} --> + +### October 22, 2020: On Writing Without an Audience + +I wrote a blog post 3 weeks ago but never published it. I spent a couple +hours writing, proof-reading, and rewriting, and settled to re-read +once more in the morning and publish if I still liked it after a good +nights sleep. + +I got caught up with other things, and a day or two later re-read it and +still didn't end up publishing it. I didn't think it was quite right. +I liked it well enough, but I was worried other people would judge it. + +But here's the irony--as far as I know, I have no readers. Publishing it +is almost equivalent to shouting into the void. + +So why did I care so much? + +As I found myself thinking about how I'd revise the original post +tonight, I realized that maybe this fear of judgment from non-existent +(but potential future) internet strangers was a much more interesting +topic to explore than my original musings. So here I am hashing it out. + +I think the fear of judgment comes from a mixture of seeing public figures +have their pasts (preserved in the digital era) come back to haunt them +combined with observing how readers can react strongly and negatively to +posts. I don't plan to ever become so famous as to have a blog haunt me, +nor do I ever expect enough readers to have overwhelmingly unpleasant +reactions, but the fear still got to me. + +But I want to persevere, and that's ultimately what writing this is about. +I'm not writing for fame or attention. I'm not writing to further my +career or put it on my resume. + I'm writing for me. For the clarity +I get from expressing my thoughts, and for the joy I get looking back +at where I was months or years ago. + +Why host them publicly? Well, I really enjoy a good tech blog, and +admire a blogger or two out there. I want to be the change I want to +see in the internet and migrate from centralized social networks back +to a decentralized network of personal and self-hosted sites. + +And who knows, maybe one day someone will read this and have felt the +same. I guess I'm writing for that person too. + +<!-- {% include=post-tail %} --> diff --git a/content/ b/content/ @@ -4,6 +4,7 @@ <p style="color:grey">(Because I couldn't commit to calling it a blog)</p> +* [Oct. 22, 2020: On Writing Without an Audience](10-22-20-on-writing.html) * [Jul. 19, 2020: Migrating to a Self-Hosted Site](07-19-20-self-hosted.html) * [Jul. 13, 2020: Black Lives Matter](07-13-20-blm.html) * [Mar. 24, 2020: What's in a (domain) name?](03-24-20-domain-name.html)