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Author: Alex Karle <>
Date:   Tue, 14 Sep 2021 21:38:50 -0400

uses: Update for latest tools and

Various highlights:

1. I'm no longer using dwm much (cwm on OpenBSD and xfce on
   Linux for work)
2. I cut a lot of the dates and simplified the "favorite tools"
   section (less clutter and easier to highlight my faves)
3. Removed some links (some are obvious / no need to link, like
   Arch or Debian. Others felt too shoppy/shilly like the Atreus
   store link :/ )

MLINKS | 3---
Muses.7 | 77+++++++++++++++++++++++++++--------------------------------------------------
2 files changed, 27 insertions(+), 53 deletions(-)

diff --git a/LINKS b/LINKS @@ -1,8 +1,5 @@ -dwm.1 -st.1 vim.1 git.1 -bash.1 mutt.1 pass.1 newsboat.1 diff --git a/uses.7 b/uses.7 @@ -1,4 +1,4 @@ -.Dd May 11, 2021 +.Dd September 14, 2021 .Dt USES 7 .Os .Sh NAME @@ -43,69 +43,46 @@ but I don't really dig the "run everything in emacs" approach. I've been passionate about running free and open source (FOSS) operating systems since ~2019 when I first started using Linux seriously at work. +At some point in ~2020, I discovered OpenBSD and +slowly started putting it on all of my personal machines. I'm currently running: .Pp .Bl -compact -bullet .It -.Lk OpenBSD -for my server (hosting this site \(em see +OpenBSD for my laptop, desktop, +server (hosting this site \(em see .Xr self-hosted 7 ) , -as well as my home router/firewall (as of early 2021) +and home router/firewall .It -.Lk Debian -for my desktop (good support for work-related software) -.It -.Lk Alpine Linux -on my laptop (OpenBSD sometimes too, although it runs hot) +Arch Linux for work +(needed a cutting edge kernel for newer work laptop) .El .Pp -In the past I've also used -.Lk Arch Linux -(~2 years) and before that I was on macOS. -.Ss Other -Generally, you'll see a skew towards keyboard driven, -"simple" (less features), -and terminal applications. -Roughly in order of first-use: +In the past I've also used Alpine Linux on my laptop and Debian +on my desktop. +.Ss Other Tools +I'm a huge fan of command line tools for their composability and +keyboard-centric UI. Some of my favorites include: .Pp .Bl -compact -bullet .It .Xr git 1 -for notes, code, config backups (~2016, usage increased over time) +for all things plaintext: notes, code, config backups, etc .It .Xr tmux 1 for terminal scrollback, searching, copy/paste buffers, multiplexing, persistent sessions over dropped .Xr ssh 1 -connections... really a necessity! (~2018) -.It -.Xr bash 1 -as my Linux shell (zsh previously, moved for work reasons early-2018) -.It -.Xr dwm 1 -as my window manager (since early Linux days, early-2019) -.It -.Xr st 1 -as my terminal emulator (also early-2019) +connections... really a necessity! .It .Xr mutt 1 -for personal email (great for mailing lists, mid-2019) -.It -.Xr ksh 1 -on OpenBSD for shells (late-2019) +for personal email (great for mailing lists!) .It .Xr pass 1 -for password/secret management (late-2020) -.El -.Pp -Not currently in use but notable: -.Pp -.Bl -compact -bullet +for password/secret management .It -.Lk Xfce -really helped me transition to Linux. -I revisit occasionally to see what's going on, -but I always go back to the more minimal, keyboard-driven, dwm. +.Xr sh 1 +for glueing it all together, of course! .El .Sh HARDWARE .Ss Keyboard @@ -113,14 +90,14 @@ After years of mushy laptop keyboards, I discovered mechanical keyboards through a coworker and I've been clicking and clacking happily ever since! .Pp -.Bl -bullet -compact -.It -.Lk Ultimate Hacking Keyboard -was my first (Kailh browns, early-2019 to Dec-2020) -.It -.Lk Keyboardio Atreus -currently, successfully reducing finger movement / strain (Kailh BOX white, Dec-2020) -.El +I started off with an Ultimate Hacking Keyboard +with Kailh browns (had to be quiet in a shared office), +but I've been using a Keyboardio Atreus for about a year. +I switched in a (successful!) attempt to reduce finger movement +and strain. +Plus, I'm a remote worker now, +and I get to clack away at Kailh white switches, +which is awesome. .Ss Laptop When I started really getting into Linux at work and home ~2019, I installed Arch on my old macbook and suffered at the hands of