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doc: Document out of tree build and text-site in README

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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -10,6 +10,20 @@ HTML via [mandoc(1)][mandoc] (managed by [make(1)][make]). Currently hosted with OpenBSD's [httpd(8)][httpd], but any web server should be able to serve it up. +The Makefile to build the HTML is portable between gmake and BSD make. +On OpenBSD, running `make obj` is recommended before running `make` to +leverage the out-of-tree build extension (see the bit about `.OBJDIR` in +the man page!). + +text. +----- +A pure ascii dump of the [mdoc(7)][mdoc] content of the www site, served +over HTTP, HTTPS, and Gopher (by [httpd(8)][httpd] and +[gophernicus(1)][gophernicus] respectively! + +Builds via [make(1)][make] at the same time as the HTML. See above for +instructions. + git. ---- I use a simple setup of git-daemon for anonymous (read-only) downloads, @@ -38,3 +52,4 @@ and [my-old-man(7)][my-old-man]. [git-daemon]: [self-hosted]: [my-old-man]: +[gophernicus]: