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Author: Alex Karle <>
Date:   Wed, 16 Jun 2021 00:35:00 -0400

jam-tuesday: Add today's set (06-15-21)

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diff --git a/jam-tuesday/06-15-21 b/jam-tuesday/06-15-21 @@ -0,0 +1,35 @@ +Wed Jun 16 00:23:17 EDT 2021 + +Fun jam night per usual. Tonight's theme was "rejection", since a friend +of mine got rejected by my own company, despite the referral. To make +matters stranger, I'm vacationing with him tomorrow, and it's fresh. +So, to pay tribute, we played some angsty songs and ended on an optimistic +note--we will still be friends! + +Banger of the night would have to go to I Will Possess Your Heart. That +bass line. Lots of fun new additions though, so it's a close call. + +--- + +Tears Over Beers, Modern Baseball + +Que Paso?, Robbie Hunter Band (Bass) +Black Licorice, Peach Pit (Bass) +Moving On and Getting Over, John Mayer (Bass) + +Float On, Modest Mouse +Original, Alex and Matt +Last You Heard of Me, Joyce Manor +Why You Always Leave A Note, Prawn (Beers Reprise) + +I Will Posess Your Heart, Death Cab For Cutie (Bass) +The Less I Know The Better, Tame Impala (Bass) + +Jack and Blow, Atta Boy +Wait For The Moment, Vulfpeck +Alrighty Aphrodite, Peach Pit +Drop the Guillotine, Peach Pit +West Virginia, The Front Bottoms + +We're Going To Be Friends, The White Stripes +Shadow People, Dr. Dog (mega reprise)