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diff --git a/intro.7 b/intro.7 @@ -28,9 +28,11 @@ page enthusiast. .It .Xr blog 7 .It -.Lk /git projects(7) -.It .Xr jam-tuesday 7 +.It +.Xr uses 7 +.It +.Lk /git projects(7) .El .Sh CONTACT Email: contact AT this-domain diff --git a/uses.7 b/uses.7 @@ -1,9 +1,9 @@ -.Dd $Mdocdate$ +.Dd May 11, 2021 .Dt USES 7 .Os .Sh NAME .Nm uses -.Nd up-to-date list of software/hardware I use +.Nd list of software/hardware I use .Sh DESCRIPTION I really enjoy a good "uses" post. I think the first I ever stumbled across was Wes Bos', @@ -12,107 +12,129 @@ As someone fascinated by developer tooling, I loved hearing what other programmers use in their day-to-day lives. .Pp I try to keep this page up to date, -both for my future nostalgia, -as well as anyone else out there who enjoys the "genre". +both for my future nostalgia +as well as for anyone else out there who enjoys the "genre". .Sh SOFTWARE .Ss Editor -I use a lightly customized +I got hooked on .Lk vim(1) -for development and -.Xr vi 1 -in a pinch. +mid-college (~2017) and never looked back. +It's first on this list (with a dedicated section!) +because it was the "gateway program" +that got me interested in developer tooling in the first place! +If not my most important tool, +it's definitely the most impactful. .Pp -Of the plugins I use, the ones I feel really give me a lift are: +Other editors I use: .Bl -bullet -compact .It -.Lk vim-fugitive -for interactive staging, diffs (cross branches even), and :Ggrep. -.It -.Lk vim-surround -really just helps refactoring code (especially strings) +.Xr vi 1 +for system configs (super snappy on OpenBSD) .It -.Lk vim-dirvish -as a faster, -safer file-browser. -I know Vim ships with netrw, -but I like knowing that a stray key won't delete my files. -.El -Oh and being a general fan of retro-computing, I've really enjoyed learning .Xr ed 1 -(blog post pending). -.Ss OS -I use OpenBSD to host this site (big fan \(em see +for fun and for slow/serial connections (yes, really!) +.El +I try emacs every once and a while because I think Lisp is awesome +(and far superior to VimScript), +but I don't really dig the "run everything in emacs" approach. +.Ss Operating System +I've been passionate about running free and open source (FOSS) +operating systems +since ~2019 when I first started using Linux seriously at work. +I'm currently running: +.Bl -compact -bullet +.It +.Lk OpenBSD +for my server (hosting this site \(em see .Xr self-hosted 7 ) , -but due to a couple unfortunate graphics bugs, -haven't been successful in using it on the Desktop. -.Pp -I use Debian on my PC (plays nicely with necessary software for work) -and Alpine on an old ThinkPad X220. -.Pp -I've been using solely free OS' for a couple years now and really -appreciate the transparency and ability to dive-deeply into the source. -.Ss Desktop Environment / Window Manager -I've been using -.Lk dwm(1) -for about as long as I've been on Linux and keep coming back to it. -.Pp -I really dig how snappy it is on my old laptop and that it is heavily keyboard driven. -While configurability is certainly a feature, -I've found that after an initial period of making changes in the first few months, -my config has stayed mostly unchanged. -.Pp -.Ss Miscellaneous -Core to my setup is -.Xr tmux 1 , -which I use to manage any number of terminal programs I might -have running (open +as well as my home router/firewall (as of early 2021) +.It +.Lk Debian +for my desktop (good support for work-related software) +.It +.Lk Alpine Linux +on my laptop (OpenBSD sometimes too, although it runs hot) +.El +In the past I've also used +.Lk Arch Linux +(~2 years) and before that I was on macOS. +.Ss Other +Generally, you'll see a skew towards keyboard driven, +"simple" (less features), +and terminal applications. +Roughly in order of first-use: +.Bl -compact -bullet +.It +.Lk git(1) +for notes, code, config backups (~2016, usage increased over time) +.It +.Xr tmux 1 +for terminal scrollback, searching, copy/paste buffers, multiplexing, +persistent sessions over dropped .Xr ssh 1 -connections, -Vim instances, -and a multitude of shells to do any number of tasks). -.Pp -Since moving to primarily WFH during the COVID pandemic, I've especially -come to appreciate the client-server architecture of -.Xr tmux 1 , -which saves me almost daily when spotty VPN connections drop. -.Pp -Other honorable mentions are +connections... really a necessity! (~2018) +.It +.Lk bash(1) +as my Linux shell (zsh previously, moved for work reasons early-2018) +.It +.Lk dwm(1) +as my window manager (since early Linux days, early-2019) +.It +.Lk st(1) +as my terminal emulator (also early-2019) +.It .Lk mutt(1) -for email and -.Lk git(1) -for backing up code, notes, and config files. -.Pp +for personal email (great for mailing lists, mid-2019) +.It +.Xr ksh 1 +on OpenBSD for shells (late-2019) +.It +.Lk pass(1) +for password/secret management (late-2020) +.El +Not currently in use but notable: +.Bl -compact -bullet +.It +.Lk Xfce +really helped me transition to Linux. +I revisit occasionally to see what's going on, +but I always go back to the more minimal, keyboard-driven, dwm. +.El .Sh HARDWARE .Ss Keyboard -I used the +After years of mushy laptop keyboards, +I discovered mechanical keyboards through a coworker and +I've been clicking and clacking happily ever since! +.Bl -bullet -compact +.It .Lk Ultimate Hacking Keyboard -for about two years before deciding -I wanted to try something a bit more ergonomic. -I've been using the -.Lk Keyboardio Atreus -since December 2020 and really enjoying it. +was my first (Kailh browns, early-2019 to Dec-2020) +.It +.Lk Keyboardio Atreus +currently, successfully reducing finger movement / strain (Kailh BOX white, Dec-2020) +.El .Ss Laptop When I started really getting into Linux at work and home ~2019, I installed Arch on my old macbook and suffered at the hands of NVIDIA and poor hardware support until I ditched my macbook for -a X220 that I bought off Ebay and put a SSD in. -I've been using that same X220 (i7, 2GB RAM) ever since, -although when I started working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic -I had to upgrade to something that could run my work environment, -so I invested in a desktop. +a ThinkPad X220 (2011, i7, 2GB RAM) that I bought used for ~$130 off Ebay. +A simple upgrade to a SSD and it runs great! .Pp -I run either Alpine Linux or OpenBSD on my laptop (swapping hard drives -like nintendo cartidges :) ). -I prefer the latter, but the former runs much cooler. +I use the laptop for casual browsing and hobby coding +(I try to ensure my hobby projects all run on old hardware!), +but its CPU age really shows on big websites or compilations. .Ss Desktop I built my first desktop (a long standing nerd goal of mine) at the -start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. -I use it for all work-related development, -and use my laptop for casual browsing and hobby coding -(I try to ensure my hobby projects all run on old hardware!). +start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 when it became clear I'd be +working from home and my 2GB of laptop RAM wouldn't cut it. .Pp -My desktop runs Debian, -since I find most work-related software runs on it. +I tried (and failed) to keep the parts entirely FOSS-friendly, +but I ended up getting a GPU that needed the AMDGPU firmware blobs +(hard to find a fully free graphics card these days it seems). +With a high-end CPU (AMD Ryzen 7 3700X) +but a low-end GPU (Radeon RX 560), +it was a reasonable price. +And with 16GB of RAM, it handles my work environment well. .Sh SEE ALSO .Bl -bullet -compact .It