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      2 =============
      3 My small corner of the internet.
      5 www.
      6 ----
      7 A static site comprised of mdoc(7) flavored man pages, built to HTML via
      8 mandoc(1) (managed by make(1)).
     10 Currently hosted with OpenBSD's httpd(8), but any web server should be able to
     11 serve it up.
     13 git.
     14 ----
     15 I use a simple setup of git-daemon for anonymous (read-only) downloads,
     16 ssh+git for read+write access (limited to myself) and stagit(1) to host static
     17 views into the diffs and files of each repo.
     19 I like the stagit approach in that it is simple, modular, and emphasizes the use
     20 of regular git for larger operations (i.e. diff between refs, etc).
     22 I use the default post-receive and create scripts that ship with the tool (with
     23 small modifications for the installation). The logo is in this repo as
     24 logo.png.
     26 The content, being static, is served up with httpd(8) as well.
     28 [stagit]: