Euchre web-app for the socially distant family
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doc: Update README

The release of sourcehut projects and the recent licensing under MIT
makes it a good time to update the README for a more detailed
description, both in terms of what it is and how to use it.

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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -3,22 +3,62 @@ For my family <3 -Euchre is our "family game", and with the COVID-19 social-distancing, we're -suddenly unable to play. +About +----- +Euchre is a card game. It is our "family game", frequently played at family +reunions due to its ability to both engage players and be a game you can sit +back and chat over without thinking too much. + +With the COVID-19 social-distancing, we're suddenly unable to play, so we +started to look at options to play online. Disappointed with the state of the online options, we decided to make our own. +The production version is playable now at [](, but +the code is all free under the MIT license, so feel free to hack it or host your +own! + Installation ------------ -Install `npm`, `cpanminus`, and Perl. Then: + +### Prerequisites + +* Perl (tested on 5.30, but should be pretty portable) +* Node (tested on 12.15.0, no idea how portable) +* npm +* [cpanminus]( + +### Getting the Dependencies ```sh $ npm i $ cpanm --installdeps . ``` -Running +### Building the Release + +The release version is a subset of the repo, built into a separate directory +for easier deployment. + +```sh +$ ./ +``` + +### Running the Server + +```sh +$ ./build/ daemon +``` + +Hacking ------- + +Use [](./ to run the server with webpack watching the files +for incremental rebuilding (while hacking). + ```sh $ ./ ``` + +This is not how it is run in production, as the overhead of webpack is quite +high.