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2022-03-08 01:53Add `todo` script to grab yesterday's todo'sAlex Karle1+4-0
2022-03-07 15:46Fix -i flag not commiting due to clean `diff`Alex Karle1+2-1
2022-03-04 04:31Add -e switch to open log in $EDITORAlex Karle3+26-14
2022-03-04 04:09Suppress git-commit outputAlex Karle1+1-1
2022-03-04 04:07Remove -n/-e new/edit choice from usage (auto-choose)Alex Karle3+25-22
2022-03-04 04:02Fix bug with detecting no changesAlex Karle1+1-1
2022-03-04 03:40Make shell commands in example consistently use $Alex Karle2+2-2
2022-03-04 03:29Generate README from man pageAlex Karle2+77-6
2022-03-04 03:26Add Makefile with install recipeAlex Karle1+8-0
2022-03-04 03:21Suppress 'unknown option' when run with no optionsAlex Karle1+1-1
2022-03-04 03:17Polish man-page syntax and descriptionAlex Karle1+16-6
2022-03-04 03:07Add LICENSEAlex Karle1+21-0
2022-03-04 03:00Add man page for today(1)Alex Karle1+88-0
2022-03-04 03:00Silence ed(1) bytes-written display on editAlex Karle1+1-1
2022-03-04 02:17Add initial implementation with new/list/edit/initAlex Karle1+88-0
2022-03-04 01:22Initial commitAlex Karle1+6-0