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commit 0426040137a8f1b1868e152b76c9d8d9f5becc8d (patch)
parent 6a29c81742f27facfabf7b1609eb938843772f8a
Author: Alex Karle <>
Date:   Sun, 26 Sep 2021 20:31:30 -0400

cmw: Add dwm-style window grouping hotkeys

I want 4-n to switch between virtual desktops and 4S-n to move things to
a virtual desktop. 4C-n should toggle multiple desktops (which I want to
do less than I want a single desktop!). This patch does just that.

M.cwmrc | 35+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
1 file changed, 35 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

diff --git a/.cwmrc b/.cwmrc @@ -31,6 +31,41 @@ bind-key 4-q window-close bind-mouse 4-1 window-move bind-mouse 4-3 window-resize +# Group settings +sticky yes +bind-key 4-1 group-only-1 +bind-key 4-2 group-only-2 +bind-key 4-3 group-only-3 +bind-key 4-4 group-only-4 +bind-key 4-5 group-only-5 +bind-key 4-6 group-only-6 +bind-key 4-7 group-only-7 +bind-key 4-8 group-only-8 +bind-key 4-9 group-only-9 + +bind-key 4C-0 group-toggle-all +bind-key 4C-1 group-toggle-1 +bind-key 4C-2 group-toggle-2 +bind-key 4C-3 group-toggle-3 +bind-key 4C-4 group-toggle-4 +bind-key 4C-5 group-toggle-5 +bind-key 4C-6 group-toggle-6 +bind-key 4C-7 group-toggle-7 +bind-key 4C-8 group-toggle-8 +bind-key 4C-9 group-toggle-9 + +bind-key 4S-1 window-movetogroup-1 +bind-key 4S-2 window-movetogroup-2 +bind-key 4S-3 window-movetogroup-3 +bind-key 4S-4 window-movetogroup-4 +bind-key 4S-5 window-movetogroup-5 +bind-key 4S-6 window-movetogroup-6 +bind-key 4S-7 window-movetogroup-7 +bind-key 4S-8 window-movetogroup-8 +bind-key 4S-9 window-movetogroup-9 + +bind-key 4-g window-group + # ------------- # Linux-only Brightness and Volume keys (works out-of-box on OpenBSD) # bind-key XF86AudioMute "pulsemixer --toggle-mute"