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2022-04-10 03:56bin/demo: Export HISTSIZE variable to avoid history truncationAlex Karle1+1-0
2022-04-10 03:44theme: Turn on the lights (drop NO_COLOR)Alex Karle6+1-32
2022-03-25 03:57tmux: Add plumb-on-right-click supportAlex Karle1+9-0
2022-03-25 03:55nvim: Add default background "Normal" colorAlex Karle1+1-0
2022-03-11 05:32tmux: Add keybinds to change pane colorAlex Karle1+4-0
2022-03-08 05:08tmux: Use "heavy" border-linesAlex Karle1+4-3
2022-03-08 03:29bin: Add $EDITOR support to the plumberAlex Karle1+1-1
2022-03-08 03:12bin: Add gg script--git-grep for use in acme(1)Alex Karle1+4-0
2022-03-08 03:08bin: Update demo(1) remove named, saved, outputAlex Karle1+1-16
2022-03-08 03:02doc: Add note about plumb(1) to READMEAlex Karle1+4-2
2022-03-08 02:56doc: Add protocol to no-color.orgAlex Karle1+1-1
2022-02-28 00:06plumb: Add support for man(1) pagesAlex Karle2+5-1
2022-02-27 21:57plumb: Handle directories and files differentlyAlex Karle1+8-2
2022-02-27 21:56tmux: Plumb on Enter in copy-modeAlex Karle1+2-1
2022-02-27 17:01bin: Add `bak` to temporarily rename filesAlex Karle1+22-0
2022-02-27 17:01nvim: Source local.lua, if it existsAlex Karle2+6-0
2022-02-27 16:39tmux: Source .tmux.conf.local, if it existsAlex Karle1+2-0
2022-02-27 16:32nvim: Add space/tab/wrap settings for common filetypesAlex Karle1+12-0
2022-02-24 04:58nvim: Add several other UI colorsAlex Karle1+3-0
2022-02-26 05:51plumb: Add plumb -w option to open in new windowAlex Karle2+29-8
2022-02-26 05:19plumb: Support 6-char git SHA'sAlex Karle1+1-1
2022-02-26 05:14tmux: Add support for git-grep under cursorAlex Karle2+12-4
2022-02-26 04:26tmux: For git-grep plumb hotkey, highlight whole lineAlex Karle1+1-1
2022-02-26 04:25bin: Remove gge(1) in favor of new plumb+tmux comboAlex Karle2+1-25
2022-02-26 04:18tmux: Don't clear selection on activating plumb(1)Alex Karle1+1-1
2022-02-26 04:13tmux: Add hotkeys to search for plumb-able contentAlex Karle1+7-2
2022-02-23 06:20nvim: Add persistent undo filesAlex Karle1+3-0
2022-02-22 15:02tmux: Use xclip(1) instead of xterm(1) clipboard escapesAlex Karle1+2-0
2022-02-22 03:18nvim: Add slimmer vertsplit, make tabbar blueAlex Karle1+3-1
2022-02-22 03:15git: Add support for nvim as the vimdiff toolAlex Karle1+4-0
2022-02-22 02:57bin: Modify plumb(1) to only take first fieldAlex Karle1+2-4
2022-02-22 01:05git: Add diff.tool=vimtoolAlex Karle1+2-0
2022-02-22 01:05doc: Update READMEAlex Karle1+23-14
2022-02-22 00:44make: Add `install` recipe for easy setupAlex Karle1+22-1
2022-02-21 06:03tmux: Add plumb command and key-bindingAlex Karle2+24-0
2022-02-20 23:19nvim: Add initial from-scratch neovim configAlex Karle2+40-0
2022-02-20 19:45bin: Add `changed` and `rmake`, 2 commonly used utilsAlex Karle2+27-0
2022-02-20 18:55tmux: Add v/y vi-like copy-mode commandsAlex Karle1+5-0
2022-02-20 18:52theme: Update tmux, X11, and cwm to use rio(1)/plan9 themeAlex Karle3+16-5
2022-02-20 06:11tmux: Add acme-inspired colors to status barAlex Karle1+5-0
2022-02-19 20:35mblaze: Add default From: and self-Bcc: to new emailsAlex Karle3+5-0
2022-02-19 17:38tmux: Bind `c` to open to the current directoryAlex Karle1+1-0
2022-02-19 17:37mblaze: Update gitignore to ignore seq, cur, et alAlex Karle1+4-1
2022-02-19 05:01mblaze: Add initial mblaze setupAlex Karle4+30-0
2022-02-17 04:49bin: Update demo(1) to save to a named fileAlex Karle1+16-6
2022-02-16 05:37bin: Add explicit usage of /bin/sh in demo(1)Alex Karle1+1-1
2022-02-16 05:26bin: Add xclip support to demo(1)Alex Karle1+5-0
2022-02-16 05:01colors: Try out NO_COLOR=1Alex Karle2+4-0
2022-02-16 04:56bin: Add new `demo(1)` for `script(1)` supportAlex Karle1+11-0
2022-02-07 05:06mutt: Add basic muttrc for mbsync+opensmtpd usageAlex Karle2+35-0
2022-02-04 04:10Reformat README as ~65char linesAlex Karle1+10-14
2022-02-01 02:59X11: Add xinput config for trackpoint scrollingAlex Karle1+15-0
2022-02-01 02:57cwm: Add a couple missed keybindingsAlex Karle1+2-0
2022-01-31 05:15cwm: Add basic cwm(1) configAlex Karle1+24-0
2022-01-31 04:42X11: Add primitive .xsession for xenodm(8)Alex Karle1+18-0
2022-01-31 04:10bin: Add `ep` command to Edit on PathAlex Karle1+14-0
2022-01-24 04:14bin: Add `e` program to launch ed(1) with a promptAlex Karle1+6-0
2022-01-18 04:28vi: Add a couple more vim-compatible settingsAlex Karle1+2-0
2022-01-18 03:56tmux: Add preferred window numbering handlingAlex Karle1+4-0
2022-01-11 04:12sh: Add PAGER exportAlex Karle1+1-0
2022-01-11 04:11git: Add fetch aliasAlex Karle1+1-0
2022-01-11 02:44mbsync: Add FastMail configAlex Karle1+38-0
2022-01-11 01:25sh: Only set EDITOR/VISUAL if unsetAlex Karle1+2-2
2022-01-11 01:23tmux: Add history-limit and vi-keys in copy modeAlex Karle1+4-0
2022-01-09 05:20Add git-grep alias and git-grep-editor toolsAlex Karle3+55-0
2022-01-05 04:29Fix year in LICENSEAlex Karle1+1-1
2022-01-05 04:16tmux: Add h/j/k/l split nav and |/- split keysAlex Karle1+10-0
2022-01-05 04:14bin: Add command shortcuts as scriptsAlex Karle3+4-1
2021-12-31 03:45Add "sysadmin" config--sh/git/vi/tmuxAlex Karle5+59-0
2021-12-31 01:36Start freshAlex Karle70+34-1285
2021-12-30 16:59X11: Lock screen on 5m of idle useAlex Karle1+3-0
2021-12-30 03:23vim: Remove gvimrc, cleanup ftplugins, & colorschemesAlex Karle8+6-67
2021-12-30 03:13X11: Source .profile on startup in OpenBSDAlex Karle1+3-2
2021-12-30 03:08cleanup: Remove newsboat configAlex Karle1+0-12
2021-12-30 03:06mbsync: Clean up and document mbsyncrcAlex Karle1+15-7
2021-12-30 02:36bin: Add `rmake` -- make at the repo rootAlex Karle1+7-0
2021-12-30 02:29cleanup: Remove alacritty, qutebrowser, swayAlex Karle3+0-266
2021-12-30 02:28perl: Move perldb config to an env varAlex Karle2+1-3
2021-12-30 01:52xterm: Change default colors & fix font sizeAlex Karle1+3-3
2021-12-30 01:45vim: Add preferences for .txt filesAlex Karle1+15-0
2021-11-19 03:01irc: Rename tic -> tmicAlex Karle2+7-7
2021-10-09 05:06irc: Add tic(1) -- ic(1) in tmux(1)Alex Karle1+7-0
2021-10-09 02:06irc: Add small scripts to improve sic(1) clientAlex Karle2+62-0
2021-09-27 00:31cmw: Add dwm-style window grouping hotkeysAlex Karle1+35-0
2021-09-26 22:07cwm: Add support for Linux brightness/vol keysAlex Karle1+9-0
2021-08-25 04:17bin: Add depth level to e(1) promptAlex Karle1+11-2
2021-08-25 03:51bin: Add p, a script-as-alias for $PAGERAlex Karle1+3-0
2021-08-24 02:34bin: Add t, a small tag-jumping tool for ed(1)Alex Karle1+38-0
2021-08-13 00:33git: Remove smtp server info from sendemailAlex Karle1+6-5
2021-07-20 04:02etc: Drop support for virtual console configAlex Karle4+0-47
2021-07-20 03:56zsh: Remove vi_prompt_append, my last zsh scriptAlex Karle1+0-37
2021-07-05 00:33cwm: Change Super+Shift+Enter to maximizeAlex Karle1+1-1
2021-07-03 16:22mbsync: Update account/passcmd and Near/Far languageAlex Karle1+4-4
2021-07-03 03:38vim: Add space to listchars for visible indentationAlex Karle1+1-1
2021-07-03 03:34vim: Remove stale plugin settingsAlex Karle1+0-13
2021-07-03 03:34vim: Condense settings into top sectionAlex Karle1+7-12
2021-07-03 03:29vim: Remove several unused mappingsAlex Karle1+0-13
2021-07-03 03:28vim: Remove function from vimcasts.orgAlex Karle2+1-15
2021-07-03 03:23vim: Drop the potential win64 supportAlex Karle1+8-17
2021-07-03 03:18bin: Clean out unused `hooman` scriptAlex Karle1+0-22
2021-07-03 02:58doc: Trim down READMEAlex Karle1+6-13
2021-06-30 03:21ed: export EDITOR and VISUAL as ed in `e`Alex Karle1+4-1
2021-06-29 01:57cwm: Use xlock(1) over slock(1)Alex Karle1+1-1
2021-06-20 03:54irc: Add two custom scripts to go through my logsAlex Karle2+62-0
2021-05-24 01:29git: Add defaultBranch settingAlex Karle1+2-0
2021-05-23 04:26mutt: Fix common-lib of muttrc; $from set before $bccAlex Karle1+1-1
2021-05-23 04:15vim: Add ALE configuration for python/javascriptAlex Karle1+3-0
2021-05-23 04:13bash: Add direxpand option to tab-complete $varsAlex Karle1+1-0
2021-05-23 04:12vim: set hidden to allow unsaved buffersAlex Karle1+1-0
2021-05-23 01:51mutt: Split muttrc into sourceable common-configAlex Karle2+100-98
2021-04-13 15:11vim: Add vim-repeat/rhubarb to default plugin setAlex Karle3+8-0
2021-04-13 15:09vim: Add ALE settings for Python lintingAlex Karle1+3-0
2021-04-05 03:07X11: Set the background to plain black as fallbackAlex Karle1+5-1
2021-03-28 21:38X11: .xinitrc needs executable bit set for LightDMAlex Karle1+0-0
2021-02-25 00:21passwords: Replace pash with passAlex Karle5+2-36
2021-03-27 02:48xterm: Add homebrew Xdefaults for kicksAlex Karle1+6-0
2021-02-23 20:56bash: Move user@host before git-branch/status in PS1Alex Karle1+3-3
2021-02-23 19:59install: Fix bash installation / Linux installationAlex Karle1+3-2
2021-02-23 19:22bash: Add non-colored backup "pretty prompt", simplify git-stuffAlex Karle1+11-10
2021-02-23 18:57bash: Fix ls colors in "pretty color" modeAlex Karle1+7-2
2021-02-23 18:48tmux: Revert to default statusAlex Karle1+2-9
2021-02-23 18:43cleanup: Add back needed .gitignores from new install falloutAlex Karle2+26-0
2021-02-23 18:33doc: Update README installation instructionsAlex Karle1+5-7
2021-02-23 16:10install: Create symlinks relative to $HOME, if possibleAlex Karle1+6-1
2021-02-23 15:39install: Change from git-worktree to symlink farmAlex Karle8+97-25
2021-02-23 05:00[ba]sh: Cleanup and simplifyAlex Karle4+39-50
2021-02-23 15:48mail: Remove .mailrc that holds mail in /var/mailAlex Karle1+0-4
2021-02-23 04:24vi: Remove tab expansion / auto wrappingAlex Karle1+0-4
2021-02-23 04:13git/sh: Move git aliases from shell to git-configAlex Karle3+14-41
2021-02-22 04:18cwm: Update key bindings for AtreusAlex Karle1+4-4
2021-02-21 01:13newsboat: Add URLs for blogs I followAlex Karle1+12-0
2021-02-06 05:55qutebrowser: Add basic dark mode configAlex Karle1+2-0
2020-11-26 02:50sway: Switch between recent workspaces with Mod+TabAlex Karle1+3-0
2020-11-26 02:45sway: Lock screen on Mod+;Alex Karle1+3-0
2020-11-24 05:36alacritty: Add back minimal alacritty config for swayAlex Karle1+37-0
2020-11-24 05:07sway: Add initial sway configAlex Karle1+221-0
2020-10-31 20:10sh: Add user@host to promptAlex Karle1+1-1
2020-10-20 03:59ed: Fix `e` script when no rlwrap presentAlex Karle1+1-1
2020-10-16 03:16tmux: Increase history sizeAlex Karle1+1-0
2020-10-04 18:39cfg: Promote cfg (dotfile management) alias to a shell scriptAlex Karle2+3-3
2020-10-04 18:33ed: Update `e` wrapper to fall-back if rlwrap not foundAlex Karle1+8-0
2020-10-02 03:04sh: Remove execute perms from .shrcAlex Karle1+0-0
2020-09-30 04:27ed: Disable rlwrap warnings, loggingAlex Karle1+1-1
2020-09-30 04:20ed: Rename `bed` wrapper to just `e`Alex Karle2+22-22
2020-09-30 04:15ed: Add BSD ed(1) support to `bed` wrapperAlex Karle1+6-1
2020-09-29 04:08vim: Fix local setting for vader filetypeAlex Karle1+1-1
2020-09-29 04:01mail: Add small .mailrc for mail(1)Alex Karle1+4-0
2020-09-29 03:40bed: A slightly better take on The Standard EditorAlex Karle2+24-0
2020-09-29 03:34tmux: Remove slstatus by default, source ~/.tmux.conf.localAlex Karle1+4-1
2020-09-28 01:01doc: Fix README installation instructionsAlex Karle1+1-2
2020-09-28 00:49bash: Move console_theme to ~/etcAlex Karle3+26-26
2020-09-27 03:50Put the dot back in dotfileAlex Karle73+94-246
2020-09-27 03:16cleanup: Remove screen/screenrcAlex Karle1+0-27
2020-09-27 02:35vim: Go prefers tabs over spaces, I guess...Alex Karle1+2-0
2020-08-19 00:13tmux: Remove custom colors, revert to greenAlex Karle1+0-14
2020-08-19 00:05sh: Change default prompt to include cwdAlex Karle1+2-3
2020-07-25 17:44sh: Add $HOME/share/man to MANPATHAlex Karle1+2-1
2020-07-14 03:51sh: Update to use include() functionAlex Karle1+3-2
2020-07-14 03:49install: Touch muttrc.local on installAlex Karle1+3-0
2020-07-08 03:21mutt: Add colors for nested quotes and patch diffsAlex Karle1+26-10
2020-07-07 04:17mutt: Add back pager_index_linesAlex Karle1+1-1
2020-06-27 03:53sh: Add include statement for site-local shell configAlex Karle1+1-0
2020-06-27 03:50sh: Add PERL5LIB env-var to default shell configAlex Karle1+2-1
2020-06-27 03:48tmux: Move date to vanilla status bar (over slstatus)Alex Karle1+1-1
2020-06-27 03:58git: Change contact git@ -> alex@alexkarle.comAlex Karle1+2-2
2020-06-26 04:03contact: Change from -> alexkarle.comAlex Karle2+3-3
2020-06-15 03:04vi: Add more OpenBSD nvi settingsAlex Karle1+9-0
2020-06-14 04:07gtk: Add gtk-3.0 settings file for OpenBSD firefoxAlex Karle1+2-0
2020-06-14 03:45sh/aliases: Update 'quick actions' aliasesAlex Karle1+1-4
2020-06-14 03:16git: Update config to set pull default behaviorAlex Karle1+2-0
2020-06-09 21:58cwm: Use cwm over dwm on OpenBSDAlex Karle2+33-1
2020-03-06 04:44tmux: detect 256color terminal when bash not installedAlex Karle1+2-1
2020-05-29 02:28bash: Disable fancy prompt by defaultAlex Karle1+26-24
2020-05-29 01:28git: Add tilde files to global gitignoreAlex Karle1+2-1
2020-05-29 01:20readline: Remove color from vi-mode prefix, simplifyAlex Karle1+2-2
2020-05-29 01:11bash: Remove newline after promptAlex Karle1+1-1
2020-05-28 04:19cleanup: Remove offlineimap configAlex Karle2+0-31
2020-05-28 04:18cleanup: Remove custom 'dotfiler' manifestAlex Karle1+0-21
2020-05-28 04:14install: Trim down what's installed by defaultAlex Karle1+2-2
2020-05-28 00:32bin: Add psync, a tool to sync pash passwordsAlex Karle1+30-0
2020-04-14 04:00X11: Launch Window Manager with ssh-agentAlex Karle1+6-3
2020-04-14 03:57sh: Add HISTFILE, simplify promptAlex Karle1+9-11
2020-03-05 04:25X11: update for OpenBSDAlex Karle1+16-3
2020-03-05 04:20mutt: color unread, use mbsync, and use `sendmail`Alex Karle2+10-8
2020-03-05 04:17mbsync: add basic personal email configAlex Karle2+24-1
2020-02-14 04:22vi: add exrc for nvi on OpenBSDAlex Karle2+5-1
2020-02-13 05:17bin: add hooman and vip, two QoL scriptsAlex Karle2+40-0
2020-02-13 05:15sh: git grep and curljson aliasesAlex Karle1+2-0
2020-02-13 05:15tmux: vi keys alwaysAlex Karle1+1-0
2020-02-13 05:13vim: small vimrc tweaks for (n)vi(m)Alex Karle3+11-4
2020-02-13 05:06mutt: update mailcap for better attachment integrationsAlex Karle1+3-2
2020-02-13 04:42sh: simpler PS1, migrate w3m funcs to common aliasesAlex Karle3+10-9
2020-01-23 04:01install: handle existing links betterAlex Karle1+11-2
2020-01-23 03:40mutt: turn off multipart_alternative by defaultAlex Karle1+2-2
2020-01-23 03:39vim: remove emdash from vimrcAlex Karle1+1-1
2020-01-23 03:38install: switch ln flag -T for -n for OpenBSDAlex Karle1+2-3
2020-01-22 05:21sh: do not export PS1/2Alex Karle2+3-3
2020-01-22 04:52mutt: add macro to sync offlineimapAlex Karle1+1-0
2020-01-21 04:44sh: move .profile -> .shrc for proper startupAlex Karle3+33-29
2020-01-17 04:37mutt: use new multipart-alternative featureAlex Karle2+2-11
2020-01-14 04:54sh: condense bash_* into bash_profile and bashrcAlex Karle5+51-95
2020-01-14 04:15sh: split non-bash specific parts to POSIX sh ~/.profileAlex Karle6+90-61
2020-01-14 03:31bash: 'vi', the $EDITOR to rule them allAlex Karle1+11-15
2020-01-14 03:24bash: remove PASH_KEYID envvarAlex Karle1+0-3
2020-01-14 03:16vim: split vimrc into base and 'improved.vim'Alex Karle2+166-176
2019-12-22 05:49secrets: use pash for password managementAlex Karle6+13-5
2019-12-09 04:46install: don't use custom dotfile managerAlex Karle2+43-16
2019-12-09 04:38bin: a new binginningAlex Karle2+14-0
2019-11-07 04:13vim: further vimrc cleanup (see log)Alex Karle3+15-24
2019-11-07 03:58vim: fall cleaning, small vimrc improvementsAlex Karle3+7-30
2019-11-04 22:27vim: use tpope's :Ggrep over home-rolled :GitGrep, update mappingsAlex Karle2+4-58
2019-11-04 22:24vim: fix colorscheme decisionAlex Karle1+1-2
2019-11-03 05:13X11: update config for dwm+startx based workflowAlex Karle3+10-7
2019-11-02 16:52vim: update plugin settings (see log)Alex Karle1+4-7
2019-11-02 16:46vim: fix dirvish vs netrw decisionAlex Karle1+1-1
2019-11-02 16:37vim: remove :PDB perl "repl" commandAlex Karle2+0-11
2019-11-02 16:20cleanup: remove alacritty and italic terminfo filesAlex Karle5+0-477
2019-11-02 04:37doc: update README, drop installation, finalize Vim mergeAlex Karle7+24-244
2019-11-02 04:14vim/plugins: fix paths post repo-combineAlex Karle2+21-21
2019-10-28 04:07vim: no bells in the Virtual ConsoleAlex Karle1+1-0
2019-08-07 17:45vim: re-add Dirvish bug-fixAlex Karle1+6-0
2019-08-03 03:58vim/mappings: general cleanupAlex Karle1+2-17
2019-08-03 03:49vim/plugins: bump versionsAlex Karle0+0-0
2019-08-03 03:43vim: add sourcing of option per-computer configAlex Karle2+6-0
2019-08-03 03:31vim: use + instead of * register for pastingAlex Karle2+2-2
2019-08-03 03:28gvim: update fonts for Linux gvimAlex Karle1+3-1
2019-08-03 03:23vim: more colorscheme fixes for detecting 256 colorsAlex Karle1+4-1
2019-08-03 02:41vim: include "screen" in TERM's needing t_8f handlingAlex Karle1+1-1
2019-07-31 04:33vim/colors: add colorscheme for the Linux Virtual ConsoleAlex Karle2+29-19
2019-05-09 04:11vim: add git-messenger floating-window settingAlex Karle1+3-0
2019-05-01 03:00vim: small changes (see log)Alex Karle3+6-1
2019-05-01 02:58vim: git-worktree support for :GitGrepAlex Karle1+2-1
2019-03-19 03:14vim: pdb and plugin settingsAlex Karle2+7-3
2019-01-15 05:14vim: bump versionsAlex Karle0+0-0
2019-01-09 19:02vim: pilot autoread, change back to Consolas on WindowsAlex Karle1+4-1
2018-12-29 06:21vim: update .gitignore, delete .gitkeep filesAlex Karle3+1-2
2018-12-29 06:08vim: add the essentials as submodulesAlex Karle7+24-0
2018-12-29 01:17vim: Update README installation for submodulesAlex Karle1+2-2
2018-12-29 01:13vim: add gruvbox as the first submoduleAlex Karle3+5-0
2018-12-29 01:03vim: add PDB command to open a perl debuggerAlex Karle2+12-0
2018-12-18 03:21vim: add .gitkeep to hold down pack dirsAlexander Karle2+0-0
2018-12-17 04:35vim: ditch :Helptags custom commandAlexander Karle2+0-9
2018-12-16 20:03vim: goodbye pathogen, hello native packagesAlexander Karle3+13-11
2018-12-16 19:26vim: Enable folding in markdown by defaultAlexander Karle1+3-0
2018-12-09 17:13vim: move functions to autoload/Alexander Karle3+94-89
2018-12-09 17:08vim: overhaul gitignore to be plugin-likeAlexander Karle1+12-4
2018-12-09 16:54vim: Add mapping for edit $MYVIMRCAlexander Karle1+3-0
2018-12-09 16:45vim: Improve 'open directory' mappingAlexander Karle1+5-1
2018-12-03 02:04vim: Fix dir-open mapping to work for empty bufferAlexander Karle1+1-1
2018-12-01 04:05vim: Add mapping for quick directory exploringAlexander Karle1+3-0
2018-11-26 04:04vim: Minor improvements to commands and mappingsAlexander Karle1+10-6
2018-11-23 00:22vim: Rework terminal mappings to work cross-vimAlexander Karle1+8-3
2018-11-18 16:43vim: Inconsolata everywhere!Alexander Karle2+1-2
2018-11-17 17:07vim: Update gvim size to have better default for macAlexander Karle1+7-1
2018-11-08 21:55vim: Fix edge case in GitGrep functionAlexander1+4-0
2018-11-08 04:58vim: Add custom folding for help doc in VimAlexander Karle1+32-0
2018-11-02 21:14vim: Bigger gvim default on open, map to yank entire fileAlexander Karle2+7-0
2018-11-02 21:13vim: Create :GitGrep commandAlexander1+12-3
2018-10-30 02:27vim: Add function to git grep word under cursorAlexander Karle1+47-0
2018-10-29 01:35vim: Add vader ftplugin preferencesAlexander Karle1+3-0
2018-10-08 02:55vim: Update README installation instructionsAlexander Karle1+15-0
2018-10-07 22:16vim: Add modeline to vimrcAlexander Karle1+2-0
2018-10-05 02:51vim: netrw settings for a more helpful viewAlexander Karle1+4-0
2018-10-02 02:53vim: VimL fold expression improvementsAlexander Karle1+2-2
2018-10-01 21:08vim: Further cleanup from repo migrationAlexander Karle2+4-1
2018-10-01 04:05vim: Add .gitignoreAlexander Karle1+5-0
2018-10-01 03:57vim: Add READMEAlexander Karle1+13-0
2019-11-02 03:37Revert "Promoting vim/ to"Alex Karle13+281-5
2019-10-18 13:12tmux: add keybinding to find file paths in scrollbackAlex Karle1+2-0
2019-10-15 03:33mutt: update karleco account to use MaildirAlex Karle1+4-4
2019-10-14 04:59cleanup: remove DockerfileAlex Karle2+0-35
2019-10-14 04:44cleanup: remove unused gitignore patternsAlex Karle1+2-15
2019-10-14 04:42offlineimap: add minimal configAlex Karle4+37-1
2019-10-14 04:31git: check in config, migrate to XDG_CONFIG_HOMEAlex Karle3+15-2
2019-09-26 04:22mutt: add macro for pandoc HTML email generationAlex Karle2+15-0
2019-08-26 03:30bin: small updates to install.shAlex Karle1+4-5
2019-08-26 03:19tmux: reorg and cleanup tmux.confAlex Karle1+26-39
2019-08-22 01:49readline: use standard tab completionAlex Karle1+0-4
2019-08-20 03:36vc: add basic virtual-console config filesAlex Karle3+22-0
2019-08-20 03:03bin: add basic install script using dotfilerAlex Karle1+21-0
2019-08-03 03:12tmux: fix conditional TERM setting on DebianAlex Karle1+1-1
2019-07-31 04:26tmux: set TERM explicitly, but be smartAlex Karle1+4-0
2019-07-31 04:01bash: update readline to not beepAlex Karle1+3-0
2019-07-31 03:55bash: add Virtual Console Gruvbox-like 16color themeAlex Karle2+26-0
2019-07-31 03:47bash: prefer Vim over NeoVim in Virtual ConsoleAlex Karle2+3-9
2019-07-31 03:41bash: reorganize lines in bashrcAlex Karle1+3-2
2019-07-31 03:39tmux: remove explicit setting of $TERMAlex Karle1+0-6
2019-07-27 18:33bash: update prompt to be 8-color compatibleAlex Karle1+4-4
2019-07-18 02:49[tmux] add binding to search for urls in the scrollbackAlex Karle1+4-0
2019-07-17 04:03[tmux] add slstatus to statusline, other theme tweaksAlex Karle1+19-7
2019-07-17 03:55[mutt] update mailcap for Virtual Console imagesAlex Karle1+6-1
2019-07-17 03:54[bash] add w3m search functionsAlex Karle1+4-0
2019-07-16 18:53[bash] remove unused aliasesAlex Karle1+0-2
2019-07-16 18:51[mutt] small changes (see log below)Alex Karle2+6-0
2019-07-13 04:51[tmux] virtual console compliant statusbar colorsAlex Karle1+3-3
2019-07-13 04:48[bash] don't set TERM in promptAlex Karle1+2-13
2019-07-10 03:36[mutt] use `abook` for contact managementAlex Karle1+27-15
2019-07-09 03:25[mutt] add muttrc.local concept, update mailcap, bindingsAlex Karle3+12-3
2019-07-07 03:40[mutt] adding bare-bones mutt configAlex Karle6+105-0
2019-07-06 23:49[X11] update to run slstatusAlex Karle1+5-0
2019-06-20 03:41[tmux] pipe copy-selection to xclip for copyingAlex Karle1+8-3
2019-06-13 02:54[cleanup] add .dotfiler.jsonAlex Karle1+20-0
2019-06-09 23:22[cleanup] remove leading period on X11 configsAlex Karle2+0-0
2019-06-06 03:23[bash] alias `v` as `(n)vim`Alex Karle1+3-2
2019-06-05 03:23[perl] bump perldb history size to 10000Alex Karle1+1-0
2019-06-05 03:07[doc] update README with safer/more accurate install instructionsAlex Karle1+28-2
2019-06-05 02:54[bin] make more robust (see log)Alex Karle1+8-8
2019-06-05 02:53[bin] remove unused Vim plugin from optional curl installsAlex Karle1+0-9
2019-06-05 02:29[cleanup] move all top level dotfiles to subdirsAlex Karle8+6-8
2019-06-05 02:16[bash] 4 space indent (no functional changes)Alex Karle3+8-8
2019-06-05 02:00[bash] make source_if_exists function always return 0Alex Karle1+3-1
2019-06-02 04:25[cleanup] some renames, symlink-on-install maintanenceAlex Karle4+5-2
2019-06-02 04:21[gdb] add .gdbinit fileAlex Karle1+4-0
2019-06-02 04:13[install] install plugins on Vim setupAlex Karle1+1-1
2019-06-02 04:00[perl] add perldb config / cpanfile for quick environment setupAlex Karle3+24-0
2019-06-02 02:59[bash] add git aliases, append history per commandAlex Karle3+6-5
2019-05-19 23:52bash cd ... aliases, inputrc yank-last-arg, and tmux colorsAlex Karle3+8-8
2019-05-01 03:06[tmux] add nicer pane border colorsAlex Karle1+5-0
2019-05-01 02:54[bash] update aliases and add exit code to promptAlex Karle2+11-1
2019-04-03 04:34[X11] add caps lock->control and force Mac DPI scalingAlex Karle2+2-0
2019-03-19 12:41[bash] alias and prompt tweaksAlex Karle2+12-5
2019-03-19 12:39[screen] lower timeout for faster Vim escapeAlex Karle1+3-0
2019-03-19 04:16[bash] major refactor and cleanup; bashrc.localAlex Karle2+36-38
2019-03-19 03:48[bash] remove bash_path from gitAlex Karle1+0-11
2019-03-19 03:47[bash] clean up prompt code a bitAlex Karle1+8-11
2018-12-03 04:27[bash] cleaner parsing of dirty git repo for bash_promptAlexander Karle1+1-2
2018-12-01 20:48[bash] git completions for aliases + grep color aliasAlexander Karle2+13-1
2018-11-29 05:06Fix broken link in READMEAlexander Karle1+1-1
2018-11-27 02:58[inputrc] lower key timeout in for speedy escapesAlexander Karle1+3-0
2018-11-23 00:10[bash] add +/: indicator to prompt based on vi modeAlexander Karle1+3-0
2018-11-18 20:09[tmux] custom status line!Alexander Karle1+13-1
2018-11-18 17:21[bin] clean up install script, create linking scriptAlexander Karle6+206-192
2018-11-18 16:15[alacritty] dawn of a new terminal emulatorAlexander Karle1+449-0
2018-11-18 16:14[screen] add truecolor supportAlexander Karle1+3-0
2018-11-18 16:07[bash] better newline after promptAlexander Karle1+5-1
2018-11-10 21:25[screen] add basic screenrcAlexander Karle1+21-0
2018-11-10 18:49[bash] no fzf in shell, update aliasesAlexander Karle2+4-3
2018-11-10 18:47[bash] add ssh text to bash promptAlexander Karle1+7-1
2018-10-05 02:49[bash] minor updatesAlexander Karle2+5-0
2018-10-05 02:49[git] add global gitignore fileAlexander Karle1+15-0
2018-10-01 04:27Add Docker setup to READMEAlexander Karle1+16-0
2018-10-01 04:16Promoting vim/ to Karle15+19-336
2018-09-30 04:25[vim] fix quick grep nnoremap to escape # characterAlexander Karle1+2-2
2018-09-29 03:09[vim] custom VimL folding by expressionAlexander Karle1+21-2
2018-09-23 23:57[vim] fall cleaningAlexander Karle4+21-52
2018-09-23 22:23[vim] add empty swp/undo folders for easy installAlexander Karle2+0-0
2018-08-19 19:38[bash] tab completion and vi bindings coexistAlexander Karle1+4-3
2018-08-19 19:27[vim] ftplugin minor updates for tex and markdownAlexander Karle2+11-6
2018-08-19 19:11[bash] update git aliasesAlexander Karle1+3-0
2018-07-31 12:52[vim] rework terminal mappingsAlexander Karle1+2-5
2018-07-27 21:46[bash] bash_prompt error on windows 10Alexander Karle1+1-1
2018-07-27 20:52Inputrc: C-l clears in vi modeAlexander Karle1+4-0
2018-07-27 20:40Add gvimrc for Windows usageAlexander Karle2+17-2
2018-07-27 04:18vim-plug -> pathogenAlexander Karle2+53-83
2018-07-27 03:59Attempt to behave on windowsAlexander Karle1+24-7
2018-07-27 03:49Minor tweaks to vimrcAlexander Karle1+7-2
2018-07-22 02:30Add more vim normal mode mappingsAlexander Karle1+9-0
2018-07-21 22:08Vimrc tweaks (map arrow keys, markdown spellcheck)Alexander Karle2+7-1
2018-07-21 22:08Vi mode in all inputrc compatible things!Alexander Karle1+2-2
2018-07-18 02:40Add 2/4 space toggle function map to vimAlexander Karle1+4-0
2018-07-11 03:52Vimrc documentation cleanup + minor changesAlexander Karle1+64-100
2018-06-27 15:38Small config tweaksAlexander Karle4+18-7
2018-05-29 18:33Small bash changesAlexander Karle2+3-2
2018-05-29 17:30Add basic Dockerfile for testing dotfile installAlexander Karle1+19-0
2018-05-29 17:30Typo in bashrc for git completionAlexander Karle1+1-1
2018-05-29 04:40Switching to neovim for main editor!Alexander Karle3+28-2
2018-05-29 04:10Vim tweaksAlexander Karle2+33-2
2018-05-29 03:10Tweak bash prompt to have space between commandsAlexander Karle1+1-1
2018-05-29 03:05Add bash shebang to all bash scriptsAlexander Karle6+10-0
2018-05-24 20:05Merge branch 'master' of Karle4+30-5
2018-05-24 20:04Add optional install of git-completion for bashAlexander Karle2+40-15
2018-05-16 02:57Guarding against sourcing non-existant file in zshrcAlexander Karle1+4-3
2018-05-16 01:11Moving zshrc to zsh folderAlexander Karle2+1-1
2018-05-16 01:09First Zsh Script! Vi Prompt Append!Alexander Karle2+39-11
2018-05-15 02:36zsh vim key binding updatesAlexander Karle1+6-1
2018-05-15 01:02Minor vim tweaks from the past weeksAlexander Karle3+7-0
2018-05-15 01:01Adding custom zshrc prompt indicator for Vim modesAlexander Karle1+4-2
2018-05-03 21:12Tweaks to bash environmentAlexander Karle2+6-5
2018-05-03 21:11Second Vimscript function! Simple toggle settingAlexander Karle1+12-1
2018-05-02 18:09Removing setting tabstop in html ftpluginAlexander Karle1+0-1
2018-05-02 18:06Install creates & switches to branch of user nameAlexander Karle1+2-0
2018-05-02 17:54Toggle light/dark with leader + L/DAlexander Karle1+7-2
2018-05-02 17:42The Great Merge -- moving all my vim files into vimrcAlexander Karle7+188-178
2018-05-02 16:51Tweaking to adhere better to vimrc tips (link below)Alexander Karle3+13-15
2018-05-02 07:05Source new bashrc on installAlexander Karle1+3-0
2018-05-02 06:58Update README to fix install bugAlexander Karle2+21-1
2018-05-02 06:38More prettying up of install logAlexander Karle1+44-25
2018-05-02 06:27Adding color to ls in bashAlexander Karle1+10-2
2018-05-02 06:13Updating install (logo!?)Alexander Karle1+54-0
2018-05-02 05:26Minor vimrc updates (see full log below):Alexander Karle5+15-3
2018-04-26 00:07Adding basic bash scripts for systems w/o zshAlexander Karle5+77-0
2018-04-23 18:12Updating gitignore to account for symlink in ~/.vimAlexander Karle1+3-0
2018-04-23 17:57Better Symlink Management (see full commit)Alexander Karle2+46-23
2018-04-23 04:31Minor vim tweaks for plugins and colorsAlexander Karle5+21-19
2018-04-23 04:31Find and link vim syntax files for install.shAlexander Karle1+7-0
2018-04-11 15:12Minor changes to theme + pythonSelf syntaxAlexander Karle3+9-1
2018-04-10 04:33Renaming install directoryAlexander Karle1+1-1
2018-04-10 04:29Updating READMEAlexander Karle1+5-3
2018-04-10 04:09Small bug on install symlinksAlexander Karle1+3-3
2018-04-10 04:09Only set termguicolors if a gui theme installed!Alexander Karle1+1-1
2018-04-10 03:57Minor tweaks to zshrc (plus italics update)Alexander Karle1+15-4
2018-04-10 03:51Minor changes to vim confingAlexander Karle4+12-11
2018-04-10 03:50Install now installs a fresh clone and links from thatAlexander Karle1+45-20
2018-04-10 gets functional!Alexander Karle1+31-23
2018-04-10 02:36Rename setup -> installAlexander Karle1+0-0
2018-04-03 18:11Adding persistent undo and remote swp directory to vimrcAlexander Karle1+11-0
2018-04-02 17:25vimrc minor updates: scrolloff, gui scrollbar, .notes syntaxAlexander Karle2+8-0
2018-03-13 19:36Adding some defaults to vimrc inspired by defaults.vimAlexander Karle1+4-1
2018-03-13 19:35Italics in tmux and vim and iTerm2Alexander Karle6+38-3
2018-03-12 22:29Tweaking VimrcAlexander Karle4+34-8
2018-03-07 00:02Adding first function to vimrc, remove trailing whitespaceAlexander Karle4+19-0
2018-03-06 17:54Some vim folding preferencesAlexander Karle3+11-1
2018-02-28 04:50Adding mouse back to tmux for resizing panesAlexander Karle1+3-0
2018-02-28 04:50Updating README to fix outdated bitsAlexander Karle1+8-6
2018-02-28 04:42Adding basic setup script for ubuntuAlexander Karle1+15-0
2018-02-26 17:31Minimizing plugin loading using vim-plug plus docker aliasAlexander Karle3+8-4
2018-02-19 15:11Adding patch for tmux on OSX and electron appsAlexander Karle1+4-1
2018-02-16 17:21Adding true color support for regular (non-neovim) vim in tmuxAlexander Karle1+8-0
2018-02-16 15:32No longer using mouse for tmuxAlexander Karle1+4-2
2018-02-06 05:07Adding zshrc link to setup.shAlexander Karle1+3-0
2018-02-06 04:45removing aliases for use with Ubuntu VMsAlexander Karle1+4-4
2018-02-04 20:33prevent oh-my-zsh from renaming tmux windowsAlexander Karle1+3-0
2018-01-29 21:12adding tmux link to setupAlexander Karle1+3-0
2018-01-23 23:40Adding ftplugins, moving vim scripts to vim/Alexander Karle8+42-25
2018-01-02 15:28Moved zsh-syntax-highlighting to oh-my-zsh pluginsAlexander Karle1+2-5
2018-01-02 14:56Syntax error in setup.shAlexander Karle1+1-1
2017-12-27 20:10Slight moves to be more adaptable without pluginsAlexander Karle3+9-11
2017-12-27 19:47First attempt at a setup scriptAlexander Karle1+15-0
2017-12-27 19:27Split vmrc into multiple files + swap to vim-plugAlexander Karle5+113-114
2017-12-22 04:26Prevent zsh from renaming windowsAlexander Karle1+3-0
2017-12-21 05:02Remove escape key lag in vim in tmuxAlexander Karle1+3-0
2017-12-21 04:49Adding zshrcAlexander Karle1+41-0
2017-12-16 21:05Added fzf for fuzzy findingAlexander Karle2+9-0
2017-12-06 03:03stay in same directory when splitting windows/paneAlexander Karle1+5-2
2017-12-04 21:22Vim style pane switching, window renumberingAlexander Karle1+12-5
2017-12-02 18:43Load colorscheme with vundleAlexander Karle1+15-4
2017-11-30 04:07minor changes for mouse support less obtrusive syntastic checksAlexander Karle2+4-1
2017-11-29 23:16really basic tmux configAlexander Karle1+24-0
2017-11-29 01:33basic readme instructionsAlexander Karle1+7-1
2017-11-23 03:35adding vimrcAlexander Karle1+128-0
2017-11-23 03:30added readmeAlexander Karle1+2-0