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doc: Update README

The project has a few interesting things to call out IMHO :)

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diff --git a/README b/README @@ -1,23 +1,32 @@ ~akarle's dotfiles ------------------ -2022, the year of the dotfile rewrite. -This repo's got a _lot_ of history, and I use these configs daily. -In 2022 though, I wanted to start from scratch to both: +************************* +Warning: Here be dragons. +************************* - 1. License them from the get-go - 2. Re-evaluate what I really use +That said... -Dotfiles have a funny way of going stale. Here's to a fresh start! +These are MIT-licensed dragons, so hack away! -Usage: ------- -There's really two settings where these are used: +I'm in a transitionary period where I started fresh in 2022 +with a clean-room reimplementation of my old dotfiles (to +relicense them as FOSS), so some areas are a bit in-flux. -* System administration -- really only need shell / vi / tmux +That said, starting fresh has been a good excuse to make some +radical changes! -* Programming -- I need the whole 9 yards for my dayjob. - Linting, completion, etc +Some mildly-interesting reasons to look inside: -The first is mostly complete (I don't need much), but the second -is a work-in-progress as I retool under a OSI-approved license! +* As of 2022-02, I'm piloting NO_COLOR=1 to see what all the + hype is about [1]. I'm using acme(1) inspired tones from + plan9 and go-fonts for fun [2]. + +* Configs are tested on OpenBSD primarily and Linux for work. + Most scripts are POSIX sh(1) though and should be portable. + +* There's an emphasis on small, reusable, and keyboard-driven + tools. + +[1]: +[2]: