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doc: Trim down README

A tad too enthusiastic about the shell, maybe :P

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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -1,19 +1,12 @@ dotfiles ======== -Vim, tmux, mutt... hope you enjoy the shell! - -What follows is my (ongoing) tooling journey. I'm currently on -Linux/OpenBSD both at home and at work, so the support for macOS -and Windows is fleeting at best. +My personal config files for Linux and OpenBSD. Installation ------------ -I'm a big believer in the "do it yourself" style of dotfiles. Fork if you'd -like, but don't blindly copy! - -This all said, to set up a new machine I run: +The [etc/][1] script will bootstrap a minimal config (tmux/sh/git) +that I use on new servers. [etc/][2] is a more complete +installation for desktop use. -```sh -$ git clone ~/.cfg -$ ./cfg/etc/ # or for full install -``` +[1]: ./etc/ +[2]: ./etc/